The Grifball Summer League 2008 is a Grifball competition run by the American Grifball League of America.


On June 25th, Grifball Commissioner Jack announced the beginning of the Grifball Summer League 2008. The League would commence on Monday, July 14th and, for the first time ever, would be comprised of two simultaneous leagues: A Rookie League and a Legacy League.

You legacy teams that have been skating by in your divisions are going to be facing off against other legacy teams this season...this should be fun. This should also give rookie teams a chance to learn the sport before a punk vet team whomps away on their fresh hides.

Sign-ups took place in three rounds: First Legacy players, then Rookies with Rooster Teeth Sponsorship, and then finally everyone else.

Legacy Regular SeasonEdit

The Legacy League was comprised of 12 divisions of five-to-six teams each, except for division 12 which had eleven teams.

Two teams went undefeated during the regular season: Blood Oath and Zoo Monkies.

Rookie Regular SeasonEdit

The Rookie League was comprised of an impressive 32 divisions of five-to-six teams each. Games were played every night of the week for five weeks. The regular season consisted of ten games.

Several teams went undefeated during the regular season, including:
Team U.S.A.
Project 86
Grand Theft Bomb
Digital Mayhem
Walmart Greeters
The Mighty Noobs
pimps at sea
Terminal Velocity
Blood Runs Cold
5hort Bu5
The Elite Spartans
The 501st

Legacy PlayoffsEdit

The Legacy playoffs were comprised of the top two teams from each division, except for division 12.

In the finals, Grunts of Fury defeated Zoo Monkies 7-2 to capture the title.

Rookie PlayoffsEdit

The Rookie playoffs were comprised of the top two teams from each division.

In the finals, The Rainmakers defeated Project 86 (8-1) to win the first Rookie League Championship.

Video HighlightsEdit