The BosaNova Bosses are a Grifball team from the Earth city of New Mombasa.

Role in PlotEdit

Double AgentEdit

The New Mombasa BosaNova Bosses play Team Slipspace. Because XT died last season and Rookie is on strike, Slipspace had to play the BosaNova Bosses with a 2 to 4 disadvantage.
Hit the Middle

Tank hits in the middle of two BosaNova players.

Tank is convinced that he is seeing double, so he follows Coach's advise by striking in middle of two BosaNova Bosses who are wearing the same armor. After strikes in the middle, the two Bosses hit Tank with their Gravity Hammers. The match ends as the shortest game in the League's history with the BosaBova Bosses winning 9-0.

Zero ToleranceEdit

The BosaNova Bosses are shown using grenades in a replay from the previous season.

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