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Team Budgie Studios is a newly formed UK Grifball team, which will be entering the UKGBWL09 and the folowing Johnson's Memorial Cup.

Team History Edit

Budgie Studios originally started life as a Call of Duty 4 clan on MLG Gamebattles, where it competed unsuccessfully in the Summer '08 European League. It took the transformation into a Grifball team when the captain, MallardQuakson and two of his team-mates, IoI Gazza IoI and Tango Lemon played a few weekends of Grifball on Doublexpweekend. During the christmas break of 08, MallardQuakson discovered the Grifball website run by Roosterteeth, and signed up Budgie Studios. MallardQuakson invited all of his CoD4 team-mates to join the Grifball team. Those team-mates were IoI Gazza IoI, Tango Lemon, I Shaun Spurs I (originally shauny boi 15), alexs inferno, xXxWO0DYxXx (originally AdvanceSlasher) and JshadowknightP.


Left to right: xXxWO0DYxXx, Tango Lemon, MallardQuakson (c), IoI Gazza IoI

Budgie Studios, or BuDj, has yet to compete in any official grifball matches, but has played several scrimmages against 2 different UK teams, Johnsons Salty Grifballs and I Just Accidentally the WHOLE Grifball. From these matches, the official first team of Budgie Studios has been decided as MallardQuakson, IoI Gazza IoI, Tango Lemon and I Shaun Spurs I. xXxWO0DYxXx is used as the first reserve, followed by alexs inferno and then JshadowknightP.



~ MallardQuakson (c) - Hybrid
~ IoI Gazza IoI - Defence
~ Tango Lemon - Hybrid
~ I Shaun Spurs I - Trick Runner
~ xXxWO0DYxXx - Tank
~ alexs inferno - Tank
~ JshadowknightP - Trick Runner


~ 08/01/09 - Scrim vs Johnsons Salty Grifballs (JSG) – 2-7
~ 08/01/09 – Scrim vs JSG – 0-9
~ 17/01/09 – Scrim vs I Just Accidentally the WHOLE Grifball! (IJAWG) – 3-6
~ 17/01/09 – Scrim vs IJAWG – 4-5
~ 04/02/09 – Scrim vs Hardman's Destroyers (HD) – 3-6
~ 04/02/09 – Scrim vs HD – 3-6

Trivia and Facts Edit

~The team all reside in a small area near Milton Keynes, though only the captain, MallardQuakson, wasn't born in the area. MallardQuakson actually originates from Stockport, Manchester.
~The name was chosen due to MallardQuakson owning a Budgie and mixing it with an old Halo 2 clan, Outcast Studioz, to form the name. The similarity to Bungie Studios was only noticed later.
~Budgie Studios have yet to win a game, their closest being a 5-4 loss to IJAWG, when IoI Gazza IoI launched IJAWG's captain, Raistarwind, onto their base in the final round. But apparently Rai was trying to let BuDj win for absolutely no reason, so it doesn't count. :(
~There are several running jokes within the team, such as the doubtful skill of Stockport County FC, and MallardQuakson's disturbing voice over Live.

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