Death On Call was #1 UK Grifball team until the '08 Summer League when Chupathingy stripped them of their title-though they couldn't defend it themselves due to forfeiting halfway through the season. The team was originally called Tartan Army when the captain Alex296 first discovered grifball and played with his freinds. After we where unable to get through to the Grifball Winter League Playoffs, however it wasn't all bad as they picked up a great hybrid named Longshot616 . Tartan Army broke up, there was a lack of intreset with Alex's freinds yet he still had a passion for it. So him and longshot went about creating Death On Call.

Grifball Spring League

Alex then held trails so he could fill the 6 extra spots on the team. The first idea was to invite Longshot616 's freind to the team to see if there was any raw talent to work with. After this first trial we found Plutonic Chris who is still with the team to date , Johhny Sniper the pancake wonder , and pigeon. At this stage Death on Call had 5 players. When a day before the League was suppose to start Roebic2 entered Death On Call. This man was one of the key reasons Death On Call dominated the UK Grifball League. When we all played together we knew it was a winning combination with 13 wins a no defeats it was clear we where the best at the time.


UK Grifball Spring Champions.

UK Bumrush #2 Winners.

UK Bumrush #1 runner up.

And Possibley UK Grifball Super 6 Champions.

Death on Call consists currently of eight players including their captain, Alex296.

Here is a list below of all current members:

Alex296 (Captain)