Red vs. Blue
"Game Changer"
Game Changer.png
Airdate September 16, 2013
Running time 2:37

Game Changer is a Red vs. Blue PSA made to advertise "Ricochet", a gametype featured in Halo 4. It was first presented at RTX 2013 and its livestream.



The Commissioner arrives to greet "Rookie". The Rookie claims that he hasn't been a rookie in four years. The Commissioner then informs Rookie that the Grifball League is going to change, because things have gotten stale after Team Slipspace, the former worst team in the League, wins every match they play. The changes include new uniforms, new maps, and a new game called "Ricochet‎".

The Commissioner then plays a VHS to explain the rules for Ricochet. When Rookie asks why he used VHS, the Commissioner claims he did it to save himself money.

Rookie starts his Ricochet match.

After the video ends, the Commissioner informs Rookie that he cancelled the League's life insurance policy to pay for all the new prizes. The Commissioner wishes Rookie "good luck" with the match, and then Rookie get injured in a Ricochet match.


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