Team Chupathingy with Gingerlink as the Grif

Gingerlink is a runner for team Chupathingy. He has been the commissioner for the UK Grifball Spring League 2008 and the UK Grifball Summer League 2008. He also does the highlights for the UK league, doing the commentary with Kinross07 and hosts the UK Grifball Explosion, also with Kinross07.

Official BioEdit



Original captain of team Chupathingy, way back in the AGLA Winter League 2008. Most noted for getting into the AGLA highlight reels three weeks running. Come the spring league, he became commissioner of the newly sprouted UK league, under his rule the league proceeded with minimal problems-aside from highlights taking longer than hoped-and as such was essentially nominated to run the Summer league as a result of his experience and general good commissioner-ness . Mainly plays as one of Chupathingy's top two bomb runners, depending on the day, along with mike ofdoom360. Come the start of practice for the summer league, he has typically had one of the better K/D spreads of the team (so long as he has music).