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Gotta Catch em All (GCeA) is a Grifball team formed on the 23rd of November 2012 and are solely a Halo 4 team.  

The Beginning Edit

The team was first imagined through a text from current captain "CannibalCake" to "crazy muffin" telling him 


about a competition that was starting up and whether or not he fancied putting a team together. He didn't seem too keen. 

Eventually he was pursuaded and later that evening over xbox live they managed to get two more players to participate. 

With the only edge that GCeA had against the veteran teams were their ability to pass the ball more effectively, with the only practice they could do (without Grifball being a MM gametype) was Oddball. Which was reason behind the team name "Gotta Catch em All" (that and being big Pokemon fans). 

Along with a pokemon related team name, they guys needed more. The in game 4 character tags were also used to show a love of pokemon. The rule was that it had to be a Pokemon with 4 letters or less, no cheating (e.g mew2, RK9) 

The original roster was:

CannibalCake ONIX (Captain)

chedder fingers MUK

crazy muffin ABRA

Im Webb SEEL

First GGL SeasonEdit

In their first GGL season, GCeA were put in Division 66 with "The Brovenant", "xPr0s40tzx", "KSL FTW" and "Statscreen". Week 1 came around all the teams were in communications and arranging games began, GCeA won their first 2 games against "xPr0s40tzx" 4-1 and "Statscreen" 3-2. Thats where it became difficult, other teams became to dislike playing because they were losing. Arranging games became harder through out the season, captains were no longer replying to messages, and GCeA had to announce a vast amount of forfeit wins, putting them top of their division 10 - 0.

On the 3rd of September 2013, GCeA folded and went on to form "District 263" with ally team Ovakill

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