A gravity hammer.

"It's fun, because you get to use a hammer!"
"And wholesome because you get to kill Grif with it."
Sarge in Rules of the Game

Gravity Hammers are one of the default starting weapons of Grifball. The Gravity Hammer is a melee weapon that creates a shockwave when swung. While it does have a larger hit radius than the Energy Sword, it takes longer to swing. In addition, a hit can sometimes send a player farther away from you, instead of killing them, unlike the Energy Sword, which is a guaranteed kill.

Hammer LaunchesEdit

The gravity hammer is vital for Grifball strategies that require players to be quickly propelled themselves and their teammates through the air:

Lone launches- These launches can be performed when you don't have a teammate near you to launch you.
  • Flowers- This is a launch to be performed as you pick up the ball. Perform a hammer jump, while holding the button to pick up the ball. This will send you flying way up into the air, and anyone can swing their hammers from anywhere on the court to try to propel you. NOTE: This can be performed if you are host of the match but it is much harder to do.
  • Hammer Propulsion- A very simple, fairly obvious launch. Just face away from the direction you want to launch, jump backwards, and swing your hammer.
Ball Carrier Launches- These launches will help launch your ball carrier so that he can score quicker.
  • Primary Launch- This is the most common launch for an actual match. The launcher faces sideways, and the ball carrier runs directly in front of them. As the ball carrier passes the launcher, they should jump forward, and the launcher should swing their hammers. This launch can also be done with two launchers, where the launchers are facing each other, and the ball carrier runs in between them.
  • Shotgun or Snake in the Grass- In this launch, the launcher will face towards the ball carrier. The ball carrier will run straight towards him, and the launcher should jump over his head. As the ball carrier passes under the launcher, the ball carrier should jump forward, and the launcher should swing their hammer.
  • Mario- The launcher faces away from the ball carrier. The ball carrier should jump and land on the launcher's head, then jump forward again. At this point, the launcher should swing their hammer.
  • Two Launcher Weave- Two launchers will face towards where they are launching the ball carrier (away from the ball carrier), in a line. The ball carrier will weave in between them and jump forward as he passes the launcher closest to the score. At this point, the front launcher should swing their hammer, and the back launcher should swing immediately afterward.


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