Grifball Episode
"Part I"
Episode no. 1
Airdate March 26, 2011
Running time 5:06

Grifball: "Double Agent"

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  4. "Double Agent" Part III

Double Agent 1 is the first part of Grifball: Double Agent.



In the Practice Facility, Coach is telling the team run the play "better, faster, [and] more correctly." Flynt points out to Coach that Grifball is a four-man sport and that Slipspace is missing two players, because XT exploded last season and Rookie isn't there for practice. Coach tells Flynt that he gave Rookie a "personal day", because of what Coach assumed was female issues that he was unwilling to talk about.

Rookie then shows up with his new agent, Brash Tanum. Rookie explains that he spoke to XT before he died about getting an agent, so he got XT's agent. Despite Rookie having the worst stats on the team, Brash says that Rookie has great potential--to make more money. Brash then explains with fringe logic how Rookie is entitled to 75% of the team's money.

Double Agent Trailer

Rookie and Brash

The Commissioner arrives and stands right next to Brash. Due to the similarity between the Commisssioner's and Brash's armor, Tank thinks he is seeing double and decides he needs to sit down. The Commissioner thinks Brash looks familiar, so Brash reintroduces himself as the agent who negotiated that XT gets half of the League's earnings. The Commissioner tells Brash that he hates him, yet still likes the agent's armor. Brash then informs the Commissioner that they are going to negotiate for Rookie and him to get more money. Flynt wants to get back to practice, but Brash has advised Rookie to go on strike until his contractual issues are resolved.

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Grifball Double Agent Episode 1

Grifball Double Agent Episode 1


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