Grifball Episode
"Part Two"
Expansion 2
Episode no. 2
Airdate February 27, 2010
Running time 5:04

Grifball: "Expansion"

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Expansion 2 is the second part of Grifball: Expansion



Rookie asks Flynt if he has ever played Elites before, while standing in front of the television. Flynt sarcastically tells Rookie that they use to have pickup games against the Elites between battles during the war.

Meanwhile on the television, Stu Stuman of UNSN is interviewing Pounder McJones of Team Harvest Kings. Pounder tells Stu how the Elites have an unfair advantage and that the Commissioner is ruining the League's tradition by admitting them into the League. Stu then introduces Sa'aangrh'ama'a'a of Team Sanghelios Heretics and tells the Elite all the negative things that Pounder has said about the all Elite team. Sa'aangrh'ama'a'a responds to Pounder's sensational comments by attempting to murder him with a Energy Sword,

The Commissioner unsuccessfully tries to sell the idea of Team Heretic to Team Slipspace. The Commissioner also announces that he will be the coach of Team Heretic, and that Team Slipspace will be the first team to play Team Heretic.

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Halo Waypoint Grifball: "Expansion" 2


Grifball Expansion Episode 2

Grifball Expansion Episode 2

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