Grifball Episode
"Part Three"
No friendly handshake
Episode no. 3
Airdate March 6, 2010
Running time 8:28

Grifball: "Expansion"

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Expansion 3 is the final part of Grifball: Expansion



Stu Stuman of UNSN mentions all the hype and controversy leading up to the match between Team Slipspace and Team Heretic.

Quiet confidence

The Coach shows quiet confidence.

Outside the stadium, Flynt and Coach are talking about the upcoming match. Coach thinks he should pump the team with a speech, but Flynt convince Coach to just show quiet confidence. Coach is then suggests someday that Flynt he may be a coach someday. Despite thinking he will die in the upcoming match, Flynt is touched by the Coach's sentiment.

Flynt meets up with the three other members of Slipspace to go over the game plan of staying out of the way of the Elites. This plans confuses Tank, because he doesn't understand how they win if only Team Heretics scores. Rookie settles the issue by lying to Tank that Slipspace will score tomorrow. Coach then shows up to wave at the Team which convinces Rookie that Coach is quite confident in them.

Team Kill

Team Heretic starts to team kill.

Stu Stuman introduces Team Heretic who gets a thunderous applause, and then introduces Team Slipspace who only has one man cheer for them. As soon as the match starts, the aliens start to team kill one another. The one remaining Elite is then dispatched by Rookie who then runs the bomb into the opposing team's goal.

During the halftime report, Stu Stuman sums up Slipspaces surprising lead. He believes that the Elites don't even understand the concept of an athletic sport and he is perplexed about how the aliens managed to score on their own goal when the bomb is specifically designed not to do so.

Meanwhile, Slipspace is talking about how great the game is going for them when the Commissioner arrives. When Flynt asks what is going on, the Commissioner points out that he made the mistake of not translating the rules into the Elite's language. The Commissioner then asks Slipspace to tank the game, because he bet the teams against the team. Before agreeing to throw the game, the members of Slipspace demands a bunch of benefits from the Commissioner.

In the post-game wrap up, Stu Stuman sums up who ridiculous and long the game was. Meanwhile, there is a clip in the background that shows Team Slipspace herding Team Heretic's runner into the goal.


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Grifball Expansion Episode 3

Grifball Expansion Episode 3


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