Franchise Player Trailer
Franchise Player is the second Grifball mini-series developed by Rooster Teeth. In this mini-series, a disgraced superstar rejoins the League, and the Commissioner thinks Team Slipspace is the perfect team for the ex-con. Naturally, he finds a home with some old friends.

Grifball: "Franchise Player" 1Edit

Slipspace, everybody’s favorite Grifball team, is back with all-new misadventures. The good news is that a new player has moved from the minor leagues to the big time. The bad news is that the new player is an ex-con. Find out if he does more harm than good in the first episode of this 3-part series!

Grifball: "Franchise Player" 2Edit

A disgraced superstar—who also happens to be an ex-con—rejoins the league, and the Commissioner diligently works on finding the perfect team for him. You can guess where he ends up calling home, in this hilarious second installment of the 3-part series!

Grifball: "Franchise Player" 3Edit

A superstar player joins everybody’s favorite Grifball team, but the news is not as good as one might think. Why, you ask? Because he just happens to be an ex-con. See how the Slipspace's most recent misadventure ends with the final installment of Rooster Teeth’s hilarious 3-part series!

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