GrifballHub is the official Grifball fansite, tasked with working with 343 Industries to help develop the Grifball gametype and matchmaking playlists for Halo: Reach and Halo 4.

GrifballHub is home to over 3,000 registered Grifballers and has produced more than 2,000 articles covering the sport of the future. GrifballHub also has a regular presence at industry events, such as PAX and RTX.

It also hosts three very successful Grifball leagues: The Good Games League (GGL), a “friendly” Grifball league, and the European Grifball League (EUGBL), a league created exclusively for European Grifballers, and the American Grifball League of America (AGLA), the league created by Grifball-founder Burnie Burns. Other features on GrifballHub include a weekly podcast, live-streamed Grifball matches, and highlight reels. GrifballHub’s work has been featured on Kotaku,, and Halo Waypoint.

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