Harvest Kings
Team King is a Grifball team from the planet Harvest.

Role in PlotEdit


Pounder McJones, the captain of the Harvest Kings, has an interview with Stu Stuman about the impact of having the League introduce Team Heretic--the all Elite team. Sa'aangrh'ama'a'a, the captain of Team Heretic, enters the interview and learns that Pounder has been bad mouthing the Elites. Sa'aangrh'ama'a'a responds to the comments by brutally attacking Pounder with an Energy Sword.

Franchise PlayerEdit

The Harvest Kings play Team Slipspace after Slipspace acquires XT as their new runner. After scoring on Slipspace, the members of the Kings then plan on gaining up on XT. After the Kings gather together, they make an easy target for Tank to strike the entire team with a Gravity Hammer strike.

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