Pounder McJones
Pounder McJones.png
Affiliation Team Harvest Kings
Status Alive
First Appearance Grifball: Expansion 2
Voice Actor Gavin Free

Pounder McJones is a runner for Team Harvest Kings.

Role in Plot


Stu Stuman of UNSN interviews Pounder about the impact of the all Elite team. Pounder claims that the Elites will effect the League negatively and that their entrance to the League is pissing all over tradition. To Pounder's surprise, Stu Stuman reveals that Sa'aangrh'ama'a'a of Team Heretic is there for rebuttal. After Stu Stuman repeats Pounder's negative comments about the Elites, Sa'aangrh'ama'a'a responds by brutally attacking Pounder with an Energy Sword.

Franchise Player

Team King plays Team Slipspace after Slipspace acquires XT as their new runner. Pounder threatens Flynt for what the alien did to him. Flynt points out that the alien wasn't on Team Slipspace and that Slipspace did Pounder a favor by beating the aliens, but Pounder stubbornly continued to threaten Flynt. After scoring on Slipspace, Pounder rallied the Kings to gaining up on XT. After the Kings gather together, they make an easy target for Tank to strike the entire team with a Gravity Hammer strike.  Pounder and the rest of his team get sent flying, while Rookie pushes XT to the goal.


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