Introduction Edit

Sarge's Angels are a very new team to the wonderful world of Grifball!!!

They have been in two Bum-Rushes, the UK Summer League, member Gibbley Giblets hosted the Sarge's Memorial Cup and were also known in the Super Six League.

Sarge's Angels took the first bumrush as a shout to all the other teams. They managed to beat Grifball Addicts Anomynous and The Angry Saints. They got to the Semi-Final before getting knocked out by Dealers Of Death.

The Team Edit

Currently the team of Sarge's Angels consists of seven members.

Two Tanks, One Defenders, Two Trick Runner and Four Hybrids.

Below is a list of all the team members

Teaguey222 (Captain)

Gibbley Giblets

Trampy Boy

Malest Muffin

Tudor VII

Demolition elmo




The Team Back row left to right: Teaguey222 (C), Demolition Elmo, Trampy Boy, only1exit, Ticklishterra

The Team Front row left to right: Gibbley Giblets, Malest Muffin, Tudor VII

Notable Teams Edit

Great British Grifballers

The Fumble Faction

The Angry Saints

Grifball Addicts Anomynous


Johnsons Salty Grifballs

The Super Six Edit

Sarge's Angels is one of the teams that are entered in the small competition The Super Six. The Super Six Consists of 5 legendary teams and one Non-legendary. The teams that are entered are listed below:

Death on Call

Great British Grifballers


The Angry Saints

Super Spartans

Sarge's Angels