T0S Macca
Position: Hybrid
Seasons Played: 2
Status: Active
Team History
Johnsons Salty Grifballs
RT Username: Jmacca29
D.O.B: 29/04/1994
From: Haydock, St. Helens

Johnsons Salty GrifballsEdit

TOS Macca is one of the founding members of Johnsons Salty Grifballs and still plays for the team. He has always played the position of hybrid but is usually classed more as a trick runner or defender, due to his higher skills in there opposed to his weak tanking skills. TOS Macca was the top scorer for JSG in the UKGBSML08 and the top scorer in Division 5. In the SMC, he topped his team for carrier kills and got the most in the Sarge division and currently has the most in the entire cup.

TOS has always played well with the other members of the team. He and his brother YodaMagicCircus could play well together from the start and TOS quickly learned to play well with other players Paranoxia and Strangler 999. He regularly makes it onto the first choice team but may sometimes lose out to Paranoxia or TGK HEADTIME.

TOS doesn't tend to use as many skills as some of the other players show but can still get the job done with his accurate sword lunges and his weaving runs. He is one of the three original JSG members to remain, along with YodaMagicCircus and NeTTOs Wookie.

He is best known to be holding a sword on the court and proved this by winning the Golden Sword for the UKGBAL08 with 33 carrier kills in 5 games, an impressive record.

Crazy WaysEdit

TOS has been known to say many strange and weird things during matches or in the lobby. Here are a few notable ones.

I don't have to listen to you Strangler. I am an independent women. And as a women I have a right to choose. :- to Strangler 999
Eyspy has something to put in you. Eyspy has something to put in you. At the Gay Bar, Gay Bar, Gay Bar ... :- to Paranoxia

Grifball StatsEdit

  • Played : 49
  • Killed : 1687
  • Deaths : 1938
  • K/D Spree : -251
  • Betrayals : 75
  • Grabs : 220
  • Scores : 54
  • Carrier Kills : 187