The Angry Saints are a legacy team who started in the winter of '07 when Shotgunman1112 pestered his friend and future captain joseppi10 into watching the week 1 highlight video of the winter league. They were immediatly hooked and were soon arranging custom matches whenever possible.

The team officially formed when Lemonweaselfish and DVD773 joined. Later Bearclaw159, TrunkMonkeey and JamesT67 joined and the Angry Saints were ready to play. They excelled finishing 1st in their division only losing one game. They got through to the semi-final with a 9-0 victory over wildcard team Tristar before losing to eventual winners Death on Call 8-1.

The Team NameEdit

There is no story about the team name Joseppi10 burst out with it one day and its stuck ever since. well that is what we tell Outsiders.

The truth is that during a dark night on the 8th of March 1996 an angel came to Joseppi10 and said: “thou shall create a team the likes of which have never walked this earth. Your epic games shall be fought with hammer and blade. Titans will clash below a hovering truck and you shall be victorious. You shall be forever remembered for your rage and shall be know as the saints. Red, Blue and Orange shall become your colour and Andy shall become your triumph. Now go and become an angry saint!


The TeamEdit

The Team currently consists of:

Joseppi10 (el capitano) - Hybrid and has awesome moments : favourite in-game quote "AHAHAHAHAHAHAH"

Shotgunman1112 (co-capitano) - Trick runner who likes his job : Favourite in-game quote "I said young man thats no way to get down..." He is expected to move onto YMCA by the end of the summer league

LemonWeaselFish - Jack and Master of all trades but one, and that is losing : Most common phrase said to him "nice name"

DVD773 - AKA Steamroller. if he says anything its usually a "bad" word

Trunkmonkeey - The Elite tank out for vengance - evil twin of Reaper, or the good twin we forget. Romeo to Synister Slaves Juliet

Bearclaw159 - Tank sometimes has good moments which stun him : favourite acheivment since starting playing "Betrayallionnaire". Also likes quoting monty python in the middle of practicce and games

JamesT67 - Hail the returning hero

AtlasZeroOne - The quiet one (if we were in a boy band)

Summer LeagueEdit

The Angry Saints are in division 2 of tier one and will be playing


The Angry Saints went 10-2 in the Spring league losing to Death on Call 8-1 in the semi-finals.

The Angry Saints participated in every bumrush they could but have not gone very far. Yet.

The Angry Saints are currently participating in Newnabs Super Six League.