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FC-5 UK has landed onto the grifball scene with a bang under the leadership of Praetorian PHD. They will be looking to dethrone D.O.C. in the upcoming UK league. FC-5UK new to the summer league 08. We are a english team, that is a cut from the long standing USA team(FC-5), which Team Captin Praetorian PHD played for under the name Praetorian Paul. After he talked to his ex team captin Crittenden51, they agreed that a UK team would be awsome.


It's our first season as a team in the top division, and although we have no honours to our name, we hope to soon change it by finishing in a respectable position in the top league in this summer's GBSML08.

Our claim to fame was getting 4 rounds off of Chupathingy, that was a while ago. Now we're known as the first team to beat the unofficially best team in the UK, Death on Call.

Preatorian - Captain / Hybrid

xilv - Shouty Angry Guy / Ball runner

Awsomness - Glaswegian Giant / Tank

Reaper - Scottish Steamroller / Tank

Headtime - Supersub / Cried in semi final / Tank

Sugnat - Pants / Never online

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UKGBSML08 Tier 1

Division 1

Team Name

1. Chupathingy 2. Death On Call 3. FC-5 UK 4. fr33style midgets 5. Sarge's Angels 6. Super Spartans

FC-5 v2 copy1

Team Roster Edit

CAPTAIN: Praetorian PHD

PLAYERS: Brooksr

Reaper xBAx



danny 7005

Well we have had some amazing matches, Chupathingy And Death on Call Ask them about Our team and how Skilled (or Lack of) We Our. If you want to scrim then add Praetorian onto XBL.