Jimmy Murphy
Affiliation Team Slipspace
Status Deceased
First Appearance Grifball: Franchise Player‎ 1
Voice Actor

Jimmy "Extermination" Murphy or better know as XT is ex-con who joins Team Slipspace.

Role in the PlotEdit

Franchise PlayerEdit

XT was signed on by the Commissioner at a record breaking salary, but he been arrested for a second time. XT is later paroled and allowed to count his time playing Grifball as community service.


The Commissioner introduces XT to Slipspace.

After XT's team drops him for "morality reasons", the Commissioner forces Team Slipspace to take him. Team Slipspace was very unhappy to have XT, because they had to sell their stadium to pay his salary and that the court requires him to remain in his cage. Rookie also become jealous of XT, because XT's contract with the League forces Team Slipspace to make XT the team's runner despite being confined to a cage.

During the match against the Harvest Kings, XT and his cage is pushed towards the bomb and then towards the goal by Rookie. Rookie abandons XT next to the bomb. While XT is busy doing his victory dance, the bomb explodes and kills him.

Double AgentEdit

After XT dies, Slipspace becomes down one player.